Gallipoli - The Making of a Nation

Australian Military Units 1915

Section: Eight to ten men commanded by a Corporal.

Four Sections commanded by a Lieutenant.

Four Platoons, 200 men commanded by a Major.

Four Companies, 1000 men commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel.

Four Battalions, 4000 men commanded by a Brigadier or Brigadier General.

Three Brigades commanded by a Major General.

Three or four Divisions commanded by a Lieutenant General.

Four Corps commanded by a General.

Light Horse
The Australian Light Horse was organised into regiments and brigade. A Regiment was the rough equivalent of a battalion except that its strength was closer to 500 men than 1000.

Turkish Formations
The Turkish Army at Gallipoli consisted of regiments rather than brigades. A division usually consisted of three regiments, each of three infantry battalions, plus artillery.

Gallipoli Map

British and Turkish positions.